Flight of the Dave

X Marks the Plot

Location: Anchorhead

Dramatis Personae:  AJ-KT, D4C, Gron, Lita, Salome

The crew meets back in Ancorhead. AJ-KT is still fitted with a restraining bolt installed by the Jawas. Upon removing the bolt, Lita, sends a jolt of electricity running through the droid, which may or may not have lingering consequences. At the same, right after coming back online, AJ-KT connects to the HoloNet and sends an encrypted messages to unknown recipients. 

Nothing else seems amiss with the droid, however the Wandering Dave requires some maintenance work to the subspeed engine. The group catches wind that an Ortolan trader in the city named Boj Lak probably has the parts they need. BoJ Lek does not appear to speak Basic and welcomes our heroes with a 3PO protocol droid. After a brief discussion, the group comes out empty-handed and starts canvassing the area for another source for the required parts.

After getting everybody at the cantina drunk, they learn that the Ortoaln actually has the parts they need, but what they also need is access to the "special menu" of not entirely legal things. After a lot more drinks change hands, they finally learn the passphrase for the special goods: "How many hats would a Hutt hut if a Hutt could hut hats".

Back at Boj Lak's shop the crew arranges a deal that has to go down after closing time, when illegal trading is more appropriate. In the meantime, AJ-KT's messaging seems to have started again, and at a regular interval this time. Upon returning to the shop, the group is greeted by a scared Boj Lek who after all did speak Basic. He apologizes and runs out letting a small platoon of battle droids take his place.

A quick exchange of words ("Master wants what is his") is succeeded by a slightly longer exchange of blaster shots and Gron perfecting his new signature move, the droid-pile-driver.

When the fight is over, a commlink carried by one of the droids reveals a location on Ancorhead, probably the position of whoever is responsible for all this. Ignoring all danger, the crew runs towards the new discovered location, only to be met by a confused protocol droid, the same one they met in Boj Lak's shop. The difference this time is that the droid has no intention of performing any translation duties, but instead it is equipped with a ludicrous amount of weapons. A very hard fight breaks, and right when the group is about to prevail, the droid's owner comes to the rescue leaving our heroes licking their wounds.

The reason why AJ-KT is worth so much trouble is still unclear, but everybody took a good look at both the droid and its master, hopefully an investigation will reveal more information…



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