Angu Drombb

Agent of Teemo the Hutt on Ryloth.


An overweight human male with a shock of bright red hair and the complexion of a much older man. A brash, bluffing bully with a broad accent who is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.


Status: Last seen captured by New Meen Militants

Drombb was bankrolled by Teemo the Hutt to locate and exploit ryll mining opportunities on Ryloth in order to keep Teemo’s hands clean and his ryll business away from the eye of his superior, Jabba.

Drombb assembled a group of thugs and, using a local “leisure centre” development as cover, staged numerous harrassing raids against the Twi’lek-run ryll mine at New Meen before being defeated by the Crew.

Angu Drombb

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