Nyn Kablo

Twi'lek Militant


Strong and confident. Stern but kind. Softly spoken but not given to frivolity. She is a woman with a big heart and a serious mind. She wears her long lekku wrapped in an unfastened leather slave wrap – a common symbol of defiance amongst militant free Twi’leks.


Status: Active

A Twi’lek militant based in Nabat on Ryloth. Organiser of a pro-Twi’lek union dedicated to pursuing “By Ryloth, For Ryloth” interests in opposition to Imperial and Hutt mining interests.

Enlisted the aid of the crew when her group came into conflict with a group of thugs led by Angu Drombb that were terrorizing the nearby mine of New Meen.

Nyn Kablo

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