Teemo the Hutt

Hutt Crime Lord


Particularly unpleasant, even by Hutt Lord standards. Teemo is cruel, sleazy, capricious, and ambitious.


Status: Last seen captured by Jabba the Hutt
Relationships: Jabba, Angu Drombb, The Empire, Duke Dimmock.

Teemo was the lord of Mos Shuuta and erstwhile master to the Crew. Teemo was captured by his cousin and overlord Jabba when the Crew uncovered information that he was both withholding payments to Jabba and was attempting to build a B1 Battledroid army to challenge Jabba’s supremacy. This information was relayed to Jabba via Ota and Annata.

Upon his capture, the 50,000 credit bounties on the heads of the crew were released.

Teemo the Hutt

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