Trandoshan Slaver


A typical Trandoshan hunter with all the poise and elan you’d expect from someone who kills and skins wookiees for fun and profit.


Status: Deceased
Associates: Teemo the Hutt

Trex was the former owner of the Krayt Fang, the VCX-100 freighter more latterly known as the Wondering Dave. Trex worked as a retained Bounty Hunter for Teemo and had assisted Teemo in acquiring some rarer parts for his planned droid army.

After being shot by the Crew and having his ship commandeered, he managed to escape in the Dave’s cargo shuttle, taking Jack, Lita, and Gron with him. He was killed in an attempted ambush of the Crew on the road to the New Meen mine.


Flight of the Dave Maqusan