Wex Vio

Corellian Smuggler


Wex and his sister Orpa Vio make a living as smugglers, operating from the YKL-37R Nova Courier Lucky Guess, and on occasion they performed work on behalf of the Hutt crime lord Teemo.


Wex and Orpa were hired by the Geonosian Duke Piddock to transport some cargo to the city Mos Shuuta on the planet Tatooine. The two smugglers traveled to Cadezia to pick up their cargo and the night before they were due to depart for Tatooine they attended a private party that Piddock was holding.

They were hired by the Crew to smuggle them into Teemo’s palace in order to collect evidence implicating Teemo in a takeover bid against his cousin Jabba.

They later assisted Gron and Cresh in retrieving the Crew’s stolen droid AJ-KT who was hijacked on the orders of Imperial agent Indre Jagarr.

Wex Vio

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