Flight of the Dave

The Droid We're Looking For

Location: Anchorhead and the Jundland Wastes

Dramatis Personae:  Gron, Cresh, Lowhhrick, Wex, Orpa.

While drinking and plotting with Wex and Orpa Vio in Anchorhead, the Crew's newly constructed protocol droid AJ-KT was hijacked from outside Junix's Cantina.

Commandeering a speeder from a pair of local farm boys, the Crew set off in pursuit of a Jawa sandcrawler only to find them in aggressive negotiation with a band of Weequay gangers.  Unable to negotiate a peaceful resolution, a short and bloody firefight ensued which left 5 Weequay dead, the droid back in friendly hands, and Cresh locked in a cargo trailer attached to a speeder bike being driven by a terrified human teen Frax Spiris who'd been hired by the Weequay for tech help.

Frax's bike was intercepted by Imperial Agent Indre Jagarr and her squad of stormtroopers who'd hired the Weequay to procure the droid.  Frax and Cresh were subsequently arrested and taken on board an imperial shuttle before being rescued in a well executed ambush by the rest of the party.

Wex and Orpa Vio managed to capture and detain Jagarr moments before the Star Destroyer Venere destroyed the shuttle and all surrounding evidence from orbit.



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